Flowcell scooter for HaeNyeo
Refurbish 2019
Designed by Minwoo Kim & Hyungju Do
Project type: Personal project
Jeju Hae-Nyeo, women divers who represent the Juju Island (a popular tourist area in South Korea), has been listed on UNESCO. In the recent years, the number of Hae-Nyeo has significantly decreased due to large and small accidents occurring each year. Soom-B uses a flow cell technology, which decomposes the saltwater in the electrolyte to produce power, to minimize the inconvenience for the charging. - Soom-B modernized Taewak and Mangsari, which are representative equipments used for diving.
Product name Soom-B was created based on the sound called ‘Sumbi'  which describes Hae-Nyeo's breath sound after diving. Soom-B modernized Taewak and Mangsari, which are representative equipments used for diving. The exterior design of Soom-B is inspired by a turtle because it has a similar habit as Hae-Nyeo. In addition, Soom-B has an ergonomic shape so that Hae-Nyeo can ride comfortably and control easily.
Soom-B is not needed to charge and refill fuel for activating. Flow-cell technology uses seawater to generate power.

Hae-Nyeo can ride on Soom-B as a Taewak (Original buoys for Hea-Nyeo) to the sea. They also use the front handle to drive the machine. The structure of Soom-B is designed to ride comfortably by placing the upper body on top of Soom-B.
Mangsari is a traditional Hae-Nyeo net for keeping the seafood. Attachable Mangsari can increase the efficiency of collecting seafood for Hae-Nyeo. Just by sliding Mangsari, it can easily detach or attach from Soom-B. Moreover, Mangsari can use on the ground just like a traditional net.

Designed by Minwoo Kim & Hyungju Do

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